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International Fieldwork

Services OverviewAT RANDOM –

Mr Sample is the UK representative for at random international, a German-based fieldwork provider offering business –to-business and consumer interviewing worldwide. We have more than 80 CATI workstations and 1,200 interviewers working in more than 40 languages using native speakers.

at random’s international team prides itself in having a flexible approach, combined with cost-effective delivery. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and the fact that we always deliver on-time and within budget.

We conduct over 60,000 interviews every year using the following approaches:

  • B2B and B2C
  • ATI
  • Telephone, pen and paper interviews
  • Specialist interviewers for different types of in-depth interviews

At Random is a member of BVM, ESOMAR and AIMRI and as a result benefits from direct access to specially selected partners who work according to the same national and international quality standards.